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School Bus Application

At campus Argenteuil there is a bus service available to students from all the schools at campus. This service is provided by a trusted private bus company who makes sure our students get to school safe and on time. Our bus routes are adjusted every year depending on where the students live. Roughly they cover Waterloo, Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Lasne and municipalities southeast of Brussels.  

Please note that we do everything we can to be able to provide pick up points close to where the students live, but in some situations, this might not be possible where roads are inaccessible or when this would result in too long of a bus journey.

The prices for the school bus service for school year 2018-2019 are: 1.500€ (Waterloo, Rhode-Saint-Genèse and Lasne) and 1.750€ (any other destination served).

Please contact the bus coordinator for more information at +32 (0)2 357 06 70.