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Extracurricular Activities

​​​​​​Extra-Curricular Activities, Autumn Term 2017

Enrollment terms and conditions (PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!):

A trial week will be organized during the first week of school between the 28th of August and the 1st of September. In order to participate in the trial week, please send an e-mail to Mette Österberg ( with the name of the student and the activities the student wants to participate in before Thursday the 24th of August. No trial is possible for swimming that starts on the 14th of September. Taekwondo and Mixed Martial Arts CANCELLED during trial week!!

All activities start on Monday the 11th of September. The activities will finish during week 50 in December. To be able to attend an extracurricular activity you have to:

  1. Have completed the online enrollment form (please ignore the "access denied" message that pops up after submitting the application!)
  2. Have paid the activity through bank transfer (no cash accepted!). Remember to put the name of the participant + the name of the activity in the message field. The bank account information can be found below on this page. 

Activities are filled on a first come, first served basis. A participant is added to an activity as soon as the enrollment form has been completed AND the payment of the activity has been made.

All groups must reach a minimal number of participants to be able to start. The SSB reserves the right to change or cancel activities for example when attendance is too low. If an activity is cancelled (or changed unfavorably for a student), the fee for the activity is repaid at once.

In all other cases (where activities are held as indicated), no reimbursements are made after the payment of an activity is made.​

All prices are per semester. A 10% discount is given to students from SSB and EEBA as follows:

Price10% discount (SSB and EEBA)
110,00 €99,00 €
140,00 €126,00 €
170,00 €153,00 €


External students can be accepted in case of space, but with a surplus of 50% on top of the normal price.

Completing the online enrollment form means that you have agreed with these terms.

Details about the activities we offer can be found here

Click here to sign up

Bank account information:

Scandinavian School of Brussels
Square d'Argenteuil 5
1410 Waterloo
BE23 3100 5388 4091